Fond memories



Front yard


Not so long ago when the sky was as blue as the ocean and it was full of little birds flying here and there, a little child always followed his mother to the front yard to hang on newly washed clothes. The world was so beautiful to him back then. It was so fresh and its smell was just like the wild flowers in his family garden. He looked deeply into the bluish vastness above his head, and imagined to be one of his fellow birdies. Mr old Sun shone sweetly over the little child, coloring the whole world in his honey-like light, fascinating the little child with his warmth and encouragement. The child bathed in the ocean of light and hope. The child loved the emerald sky of his childhood.


Veggie Meatballs.

Veggi Meatballs.

Feeling frustrated because your kids won’t eat their veggies? Hide them in a kid-friendly food!!

Do you have one of those kids who won’t touch a vegetable no matter what? If so, I totally can relate to you. My daughter will occasionally eat carrots, as long as there is lots of ranch dressing to dip them into. But vegetables at dinner time? Forget it. You can count on them being left on the plate.

Enter the Hidden Veggie Meatballs. Most kids like spaghetti and meatballs, right? Not only do you get to add those veggies into the meatballs for added nutrition, but the vegetables actually help to keep the meatballs moist. Making both kids and adults big fans.

You can serve these meatballs on top of spaghetti with marinara sauce, or serve them with different dipping sauces for the kids. Either way, they are getting some vegetables into their diets without even knowing it!

Gather up your ingredients: ground beef, bread crumbs, grated carrots, grated zucchini and an egg.
In a bowl, mix together all of the ingredients. Use a light touch so that the meat doesn’t get tough. I prefer to mix meat with my hands. I think that’s the easiest way to do it!


Life is a lovely daisy.

I got a feeling that everything will be alright. In my whole life I’ve made quite a few decisions that later I regret about them. I’ll do my very best to make amends and to keep it cool. As a leader I believe that you can not satisfy all the parties involved, the best thing you can do is persuade them to agree on some certain ideas beneficial to the group as a whole. You should make them feel like the ideas are theirs and they alone can do it best.
Things on earth are so vague in the silvery moonlight at night that the starkness of a not-so-sweet reality is concealed as an intriguing picture of love and sincerity. I just step forward though I can’t see well what life has in store for me. The sky forms a mystical dome dotted with billions of twinkling stars over my head, trying to cheer me up. It never fails to make me smile. There is a connection between us; nature and where we come from, just like a lost child, you come home and you feel protected and loved…
You take a deep breath in and your heart beats so hard and fast. Your eyes are wet and you keep telling yourself over and over again that these tears do you no good.
The adventures are lying ahead and you keep marching onward fearlessly. The sun at the horizon beckons to you and he promises a meal full of light and happiness. You are a well trained soldier now, more than ready to embrace any challenges head on. The world is not so bereft of love as long as your heart is still beating. Always remember to keep it alive, burn it with an unfaltering passion. Don’t forget what your grandma taught when you were a child and life was just like a daisy in her hair. Make her proud of you and your courage. Live your life in the memory of those you love, who will never abandon you no matter what. They are just in a better place, dancing with the sun, the moon and the stars somewhere out there in that vastness of mysteries, looking over you in your sleep, waiting for you to come, and you will be always be loved. Life was a garden of daisies as i was told and it will always be like that for me and for you. It needs a little water and some care for these flowers to bloom.

Life is a lovely daisy.